Continuing Education

Cranial Mobilization I
May 14-16, 2021
Reno, NV
This class will consist of the specific evaluation and treatment of the cranial complex that is important for the function of the local cranial environment, as well as the systemic interactions related to the spinal dura and its associated levels, sacrum and pelvis, cranial nerves, interplay with the visceral system and the influence upon the musculoskeletal system as a whole. The cranial approach is based on the work of William Sutherland D.O. This approach is indispensable if you treat patients with pain syndromes of the head, neck, TMJ, spine, abdomen and pelvis.

Cranial Mobilization II
January 18-19, 2020
This second level course will consist of a continuation of the specific evaluation and treatment of the cranial complex focusing further on honing your skill level that will allow you to treat deeper cranial structures as well as specific sutural articulations. Time will also be allocated for practicing and refining evaluation techniques and strategies to hone in more specifically on the more primary lesions.

Meet Your Instructor

The instructor for all classes is Tim Bonack PT, DOMP (C), Physical Therapist and Canadian Trained Osteopath. Tim has 35 years of experience as a Physical Therapist and 16 years as a Canadian Trained Osteopath. He has studied with Osteopaths from literally all over the world. Tim has spent the last 30 years using Osteopathic Manual Techniques applied to his Physical Therapy practice for the treatment of complex and longstanding pain syndromes. Tim is the owner of Manual Edge Physiotherapy, a private practice in Colorado Springs, CO.

He holds an Adjunct Clinical Faculty position as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Additionally, he has served on the International Jury of the Canadian College of Osteopathy and as a Clinical Preceptor for the New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. Tim has 12 years of experience teaching numerous classes in Osteopathic Manual Therapy for Physical Therapists, Physicians, and other health care providers.