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"They were so helpful. The issue I went in for has now made me so much more able to function. My issues kept causing me to go the Emergency Room. They gave me tools to help me take care of myself as well. I'm so thankful for the help I got."
Jul 09, 2018
"Words cannot express how truly thankful I am for the work Tim has done for my health and well being. I had been experiencing years of neck and shoulder pain with no relief. I had tried various treatment methods with minimal to no results. This is the first time in decades that I can regularly say that I am pain free. Tim has given me the gift of freedom from pain. I highly recommend Manual Edge! "
Jul 05, 2018


“I had a unique problem that I feel only Tim was able to help me with. His unique ability to diagnose my situations have been a blessing in my life.”

– Janet B. (Tim)

“I saw multiple doctors over the years and was told that my problems were caused from everything from; cracked ribs to gallbladder dysfunction. It took Tim 20 mins to figure out the real problem stemmed from having several ribs out of place. The treatment plan almost instantly relived me of the issues I have been dealing with for years.”

– John L. (Tim)

“I experienced improvement at the end of every session. Kristina takes plenty of time to make certain I do the exercises correctly, as well as answer all my questions for each session.”

– J.A. G. (Kristina)

“I arrived in Colorado Springs suffering from birth injuries, and had been in pain and unable to perform daily functions for over 20 months. Now, my scarring is better, my pain is less, and incontinence has greatly improved. Of the three PT’s I’ve seen for these issues, she has been BY FAR the most knowledgeable and willing to help.”

– Melissa F. (Kristina)

“I have struggled with sciatic pain for years, I tried exercises and other remedies with no success. Since working with Ryanne my back has improved 100%.”

– Joyce F. (Ryanne)

“I had been so focused on my lower back and just how to manage the pain that came back about four years after my surgery that I never thought to look at it from a different angle. Everyone has noticed a difference in how I’m moving every time, Ryanne works her magic!.”

– Rosemary S. (Ryanne)

“I went to several different doctors and none of them knew what was wrong. After the second appointment with Chris, I was already doing better. I now have no pain and I am living a new life.”

– Morgan R. (Chris)

“I was surprised to be treated hands-on rather than with equipment. Chris’s understanding of body mechanics was enabling him to quickly drill-down and work on the problem areas. I may seem curious to say so, by I have enjoyed this experience. I much appreciate Chris’s outstanding expertise and educational focus.”

– John B (Chris)

“Valerie is not bound by ‘traditional’ physical therapy practices, but constantly looks for ‘out of the box’ techniques. She is acutely aware of my comfort level and limitations.”

– Linda W. (Val)

“Val has been the best thing that has come along to me. Working to strengthen the knee, but knowing my foot had been the start of the problem, she has really done a superb job.”

– Roberta D. (Val)

“Valerie was extremely pleasant and professional to work with. She was able to help me resolve the original issues I came in with quickly. Through exercise and stretching, we were able to alleviate additional discomfort from tight muscles. I am most pleased with my treatment and experience here at Manual Edge and would be happy to recommend the practice to others.”

– Susan A. (Val)

“I was ready to give in to the pain and suffering going on in the right side of my body. During my first appointment, Val assured me – positively – that she could “tune me up” and – like a puzzle – “put me back together!” I felt relief in my back immediately! I am 75 years old and was beginning to feel it. Do I now – NO! Like I said, A MIRACLE! Thank you, Valerie Jones. “

– Michele D. (Val)