Tim Talks

The following are our podcast audio files for our Afternoon News and Business Connection series. To listen to them directly from our website, click the title of the series you want to listen to. Then, click the title from the numbered list below the audio player for that series to hear individual episodes.

Afternoon News
Business Connection

Other Podcast Options

If you don't want to listen to the podcasts now, we have two other options for you to be able to listen to them later. You could:

  • Download Individual Audio Files
    To download individual audio files, right-click a podcast episode title and select Save Link As... from the dialog box. Browse to the directory on your hard drive where you want the podcast to be saved, and click the Save button.
  • Listen to the Podcasts on iTunes
    Play Tim's Talk podcast in iTunes - you'll need to have iTunes installed on your computer and click the "Open iTunes" button when the "Open iTunes?" dialog appears. If you don't have iTunes, download it here. It's free!