About Us

How We Began

We opened our doors for business at Manual Edge Physiotherapy on September 1st of 2009. I, Tim Bonack, had been a co-owner of a Physical Therapy clinic in Colorado Springs for 19 years. After completing my training as a Canadian Trained Osteopath, I realized that my vision for the direction of the previous clinic I co-owned couldn't be realized. I started Manual Edge as a one therapist practice dedicated to exceptional Manual Therapy. Over time, we have grown to include several, highly trained Manual Physical Therapists, each with their areas of specialty using primarily hands on Manual Physical Therapy to get you better.

What About The Name?

I chose the name for the clinic, Manual Edge Physiotherapy, carefully to reflect what I thought to be the important components of what we offer in treating patients. The first two words "Manual Edge" mean several things to me. "Manual" of course means using our primary hands-on approach for treating patients. "Edge" means having the "advantage" that our Manual Therapy provides in getting you better and pain free. "Manual Edge" also means being on the "cutting edge" of using the most advanced Manual Therapy techniques available.

The term "Physiotherapy" has been confusing to people. "Physiotherapy" is the international term for "Physical Therapy". I chose "Physiotherapy" instead of Physical Therapy because it more accurately reflects the Manual Therapy approach we use for treatment.  Physiotherapists are traditionally trained to identify and isolate the root causes of health issues rather than simply addressing the symptoms. Physiotherapists are also more highly specialized in treating the spine with specific Manual Therapy and exercise prescription.