Manual Edge Physiotherapy in Colorado Springs

Transform your life with hands-on healing.

At Manual Edge, our expert physiotherapists create personalized treatment plans to help change your body and regain function—so you can enjoy lasting relief and life on your own terms.


Are you ready to experience the physiotherapy difference?

Feeling held back by constant pain or a lack of mobility limits your life and leaves you frustrated, fearful, and without hope.

If you’re missing out on family gatherings, social activities, and the hobbies you love, it’s time you experience transformation that lasts.

Restore hope in your recovery at Manual Edge. Our world-class physiotherapists identify the root causes of your pain and develop a treatment plan unique to your needs, so you can have a clear path to healing and regain independence. Say goodbye to suffering and hello to life!

Here’s how it works:


Experience hands-on, cutting edge therapy

Are you tired of trying various therapy options that don’t ultimately work? At Manual Edge, our therapy is different. You’ll receive cutting edge intervention and hands-on, manual physiotherapy personalized to your needs. Your recovery awaits!


Heal the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms

With our unique approach, we spend time understanding your story and diagnosing the deep, root causes of your dysfunction and immobility, so you can know what exactly is causing the problem. From there, we focus on healing these underlying issues for good, not just alleviating symptoms, so you can know you’re getting effective therapy that actually works.


Partner with a compassionate, expert therapist

At Manual Edge, we value your trust and give you the time and attention you deserve. Our physiotherapists partner with you through every stage of your healing journey with compassionate care and expert guidance—so you can be confident you always have a support team in your corner.


Resume the life you love

We believe everyone should be able to freely pursue what brings them happiness. With our world-class physiotherapy care, you can get back on the trail or the ski slopes, pick up your grandkids again, and experience daily life unencumbered.


Learn why people travel from around the country to receive care at Manual Edge.

My wife and I have been treated at other PT practices and none holds a candle to Manual Edge! You get actual hands on manipulation for your whole session that really helps vs. other places that give you a few mins of therapy, then slap a hot pad on you, give you some exercises and…

five stars Carmelo C. Manual Edge Patient

Most PT places herd you in and out like cattle. Very little personalized care. Manual Edge is 100% personal care, not “go ride the exercise bike for 20 minutes while I drink coffee with the rest of the staff”. Teresa is great, but I’ve heard great things about the rest of the staff from friends…

five stars Dennis B. Manual Edge Patient

Manual Edge is wonderful. The front desk staff are super sweet. Val is absolutely amazing! She’s helped so much with my pain. She listens and really tries to find the perfect way to help you out. She doesn’t just give you the routine she gives everyone else. She definitely makes it as personal as possible.

five stars Christine D. Manual Edge Patient

They’re very efficient and kind, and time spent waiting to be seen is minimal. I’m pleased with a great physical therapist, who explains the reasons behind the therapy.

five stars Sally S. Manual Edge Patient

Tim cured my headaches that bothered me everyday for almost two years. He is very kind and patient, and his cranial manipulation techniques eliminated the pain in my head immediately. Tim is truly one of a kind.

five stars Sue S. Manual Edge Patient

Change your body for the better.

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Discover effective therapy that actually works.

Whether you’re struggling with daily discomfort, recovering from injury, or fighting immobility, our highly skilled therapists create an individualized treatment plan to give you restored confidence and long-term results.

Hear firsthand how people experience hands-on care and lasting results at Manual Edge.

Check out our patient experiences to see how they’ve regained their lives.

Take the first step towards the healthier lifestyle you deserve.

At Manual Edge, we believe no one deserves a life of suffering. That’s why we provide compassionate, hands-on care that puts you first—so you can have hope for healing.

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