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We know that past negative experiences or fears about the treatment process could be holding you back. At Manual Edge, we’re here to show you that therapy can be different—and actually enjoyable. Together we’re united in our mission to provide considerate, effective physiotherapy that renews your life.

While everyone at Manual Edge brings their own unique expertise to the team, we all hold a shared set of beliefs and values for the care we provide:

We truly value getting to know you and your story so we can provide effective care and an enjoyable journey.

Our team holds a set of shared standards and beliefs when it comes to providing our patients with exceptional patient care. They include:

  • A commitment to cutting edge treatment that addresses the root causes of your pain
  • Compassionate, patient-centered care that prioritizes your experience
  • Devotion to personalized, hands-on therapy that changes people’s lives

Unsure which therapy is the best choice for you?

Gain peace of mind knowing you’re choosing the right therapy for your pain and immobility. Visit us to take your first step toward a pain-free life.

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